Success Stories

Athena Global School

Athena Global is a school inspired by an understanding of the importance of homely, child-centered education. The school, located in Chennai, India, has been registered as a Cambridge Primary School, an internationally recognized education program.


Athena Global needed to adopt a more interactive and collaborative way of teaching. The school had been using projectors with interactive whiteboards, an outdated setup which had teachers facing many difficulties like calibration problems, broken lightbulbs, and shadows on the boards. The maintenance cost was too high to justify continuing to use this method, and the school knew they needed to adapt to more advanced technology with interactive solutions.


The school found the Newline TRUTOUCH RS Series interactive display to be the perfect solution to all their problems. Athena Global installed a 65” RS Series display with an on-board OPS PC in one of the classrooms, no peripheral devices necessary.

The teachers of the school use the interactive display to plan and carry out lessons in a simple, smooth and intuitive manner which makes their job a lot easier. Teachers can use the familiar Windows OS for all the programs and functionalities available on a regular PC.


After incorporating the Newline TRUTOUCH RS Series display into their lessons, Athena Global has seen a spike in efficiency and engagement in the classroom. Teachers use the display to wirelessly cast content from tablets. The display is also used to annotate on content, collaborate on projects, and record lessons.

Athena Global has found the Newline interactive display easy to use and a great positive impact in sharing knowledge with their students. Teachers and students alike enjoy engaging lessons with the high-quality speakers for clear sound and 4K resolution for brilliant images.

Customer Profile

Name: Athena Global School

Industry: Education

Solution: TRUTOUCH Series