NT Series

Commercial Grade Displays

Streamline your meetings and bring presentations to life on an innovative non-touch display with vivid 4K resolution designed for large-scale collaboration.

Focus on just the tools
you need to succeed.

Streamlined Innovation

Created with your team’s needs in mind, the NT Series brings you all the collaborative tools a TV screen lacks so you can work easily, effectively & hassle-free. Streamline your meetings, lessons and presentations with a display that focuses on just the tools you need to succeed.

Remote Control

Use the accompanying remote control to change slides, open apps or switch sources.

Win/ iOS/ Android

No matter what device you use – iOS, Windows or Android – it’s compatible with the NT series.


No need to walk up to and touch the screen. Save the interactivity for any devices you connect.

Embedded Microphone

Use the built-in microphone array for voice control and to communicate with anyone, anywhere.

Direct Cloud Access

Open, save and share files directly on the NT Series with your preferred cloud storage service.

Superior Image Quality

NT Series leads the industry in brightness with 4K UHD resolution and vivid images.

OPS Slot

Available With Core Ops PC Slot and you can opt to buy it additional.

Go Wireless

Built-in Newline Cast lets you connect your own device and cast your screen, hassle-free.

Conveniently non-touch

Save time by using a display designed entirely for what you need. The NT Series streamlines how you communicate in meetings or in the classroom by focusing on being a brilliant, easy to control display.

Embedded microphone for calls and voice control

The NT Series comes with a built-in microphone array for conferencing calls and voice control.

With echo cancellation, noise reduction, and reverb removal, be understood no matter your acoustics and have a crisp, clear audio experience.

Open and manage files directly on the display

Easily access your documents from the cloud directly on the display. Manage files and pull them up on the large screen, even if you forgot to bring your personal device or flash drive with you.

Wireless screen sharing
made simple

Wirelessly cast your screen onto the NT Series, cable-free. Newline Cast is built into the display to make it easier than ever to connect and share any content from your screen.

products TT-8519NT TT-9819NT
Size 85" 98"
Display area (mm) 1872 × 1053 2159 × 1214
Brightness ≥ 500 nit ≥ 500 nit
Resolution 4K 4K
Viewing Angle 178° 178°
Backlight LED LED
Speaker 20 W × 2 20 W × 2
Weight (kg) 46.5 ± 2 84 ± 2
User Manual

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