Interactive Display

Let the versatile 4K UHD interactive display bring more collaboration and student engagement to your classroom. Turn the display into a digital whiteboard, share, and use your favorite software all with a single touch. TRUTOUCH RS works in your world and lets you interact your way.

Redefine smarter

Interaction made easy

TRUTOUCH RS series brings efficiency to your classes and teams so you can interact with ease, anytime. With a lightweight slim frame design, Windows system and built-in OS support, embedded tools and a personalized user interface, it’s the perfect solution to seamless collaboration in school and in the office.


4K UHD resolution redefines clarity for your images and presentations

Superior Touch

Interact with a non-proprietary pen or with your fingers

User Friendly

Personalized user interface brings less clutter, with more efficiency


Slimmer frame design allows for easier installation


Comes in 65″, 75″ and 86″ and 98″ screen sizes

I/O Ports

connect with a variety of I/O ports, including 3 HDMI ports, a Display port, and a VGA port

Interact with the whole group

The TRUTOUCH RS series supports up to 20 points of touch, allowing multiple users to interact at the same time. With smooth and responsive touch, anyone can take notes, write and draw on the screen, making the classroom a truly collaborative space.

Featuring Intelligent Touch

The whiteboard supports object recognition that can differentiate your finger, stylus, and palm, then react as a marker, thin pen, or eraser.

Customize the interface to meet your needs

Whether you need a display for your classroom or conference room, the TRUTOUCH RS series lets you easily change the screen theme and personalize the user interface on your built-in operating system. Keep the home screen simple while giving your team quick access to any tools they might need.

Clear and robust images in all sizes

All TRUTOUCH RS series displays come in stunning 4K UHD resolution. With sizes up to 98″, capture everyone’s attention with brilliant images, videos, and presentations.

products TT-6518RS TT-7518RS TT-8618RS TT-9818RS
Size 65" 75" 86" 98"
Display area (mm) 1429 x 804 1650 x 928 1895 x 1066 2162 x 1217
Weight (kg) 45 59 74 130
Resolution 3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160
RS 98 – Next Generation UHD Interactive Display
RS 65 – Interactive Flat Panel Displays
RS Series

User Manual

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