Success Stories

Sri Sankalp Olympiad School

Sri Sankalp Olympiad School is a town located in Nandyal, in the Andhra Pradesh region of India. The school provides the highest quality of education possible for its students in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. The school’s goal is to guide students to become progressive thinkers and lifelong bearers of skills that will prepare them to face any challenge they might encounter.


Sri Sankalp Olympiad School had been using whiteboards with projectors, an outdated setup which was detrimental to the growth of the school and the improvement of educational quality. They strived to move away from the traditional whiteboard setup with projectors, which wasn’t conformable for the teachers or interesting for the students.

The school wanted to take their teaching to the next level in order to educate their students with zeal and enthusiasm. This required a more interactive and engaging classroom setup.


Sri Sankalp School turned to Newline for help in upgrading to the most advanced interactive classroom technology available. The perfect solution for the school was the Newline TRUTOUCH RS Series interactive display, with a lightweight slim frame design, Windows system and built-in OS support, embedded tools and a personalized user interface.

A total of 9 RS Series 65” displays were installed throughout the school classrooms, no other devices necessary. The displays work with both Windows and Android, allowing teachers to easily switch between a simple, intuitive platform to quickly access all their preferred classroom tools, and the familiar Windows OS for all the programs available on a regular PC.


Teachers and students alike were very impressed with the all-in-one solution that Newline provided. Having installed various RS Series displays across several classrooms, the level of interaction has increased all over the school.

The TRUTOUCH RS Series supports up to 20 points of simultaneous touch, allowing multiple students to interact on the display at the same time. With smooth and responsive touch, anyone can take notes, write and draw on the screen, making the classroom a truly collaborative space.

The RS Series also allows teachers to customize the interface according to their individual needs, which makes using the display safe, intuitive and easy.

Customer Profile

Name: Sri Sankalp Olympiad School

Industry: Education

Solution: TRUTOUCH Series