Newline Broadcast

Newline Interactive Ecosystem

One-to-many wireless screen sharing solution for meeting rooms, lecture halls and all types of conferences.

All-in-one solution for collaboration that is
immersive, unified, and effective.

Share content to audiences of any size

Share your screen in real-time from your Newline display to any participant connected. Easily invite up to 200 participants to connect their own device.

Quick and hassle-free way to share your screen

Tap the Broadcast icon to start sharing your screen. Waste no time setting up, sending invites or scheduling sessions. Simply walk up to the display, start the broadcast and your audience can follow along.

Easy to join for audiences anywhere

Audiences can join your broadcast with minimal fuss. All they need to do is go to the Newline Broadcast webpage, enter a 6-digit ID, and they’re live with you.

Leave nobody out of your presentations

Let viewers join the broadcast from anywhere in the world with a network connection. Give them a closer look when sitting at the back of the room or join the broadcast remotely to ensure nobody is left out.

Available for all your Newline displays

Newline Broadcast works on both Windows and Android platforms. It has been designed to instantly share your Newline display screen with a large number of devices, hassle-free, no matter what system you use.

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Newline Broadcast

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