Ideamax software

Record activity and audio from meetings or presentations as well as annotate and embed notes on existing documents, all from a platform independent software. Experience a continuous flow of ideas that lets you easily save, share and print anything that happens in your meetings with the entire company. Increase your productivity by increasing your collaboration and efficiency.

Handwriting recognition

Endless whiteboard

End the battle between Mac and PC users.

Save, share and interact

Familiar icons

Install easily.

Straight forward interface

Teach infinity II

A comprehensive interactive software for teachers and educators.

Engage your students with an intuitive, easy-to-use education software made to enhance learning in any subject.

Fit for any subject

Editable tools for any lesson

Intuitive writing tools

Work on your files your way


Oktopus is the perfect solution for 1:1 programs, flipped and blended learning classrooms.

Extend learning beyond the classroom by providing lessons and assessments for students to access at any time.



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