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Raahath International School

Raahath International School is an educational center in the Tamil Nadu region of India. The school believes in utilizing and bringing together the best human and technological resources in both curricular and extracurricular activities to enable young students to grow, explore, and learn necessary life skills.


Raahath International School encourages students to translate all their experiences into powerful lessons to learn from, while providing guidance and support. The school felt that they were lacking tools to properly implement this philosophy. They needed an interactive solution which would make lessons more engaging, dynamic and hands-on for students, and provide more resources for teachers to make the most out of every class.

The school had been using traditional projectors and blackboards, which were outdated and incompatible with the standard of teaching that they wanted to provide. Teachers had to walk back and forth between the blackboard and the projector screen, and were unable to combine the content, making it harder for students to grasp connections. Projectors also shut down during power losses and restarting them wasted a lot of time. Glaring lights and cables running across the classroom floor also posed safety threats for students and teachers alike.


Raahath International School found the perfect solution in Newline’s wide range of interactive collaboration offers. The school installed a TRUTOUCH RS Series 65” display in one of its classrooms. As it is an all-in-one interactive collaboration solution, no other devices needed to be integrated.

The school chose Newline’s RS Series display because it offered the best features for digital education. With built-in wireless casting capabilities, Windows and Android dual system, and multiple simultaneous touch support, Raahath International School met all their needs with a single interactive display.


The RS Series display is used by teachers to plan lessons and prepare classroom exercises. Due to its ease of use and intuitive nature, it saves the teachers a lot of time, saves the school energy, and helps create more creative and engaging lessons. Teachers are able to switch back and forth between the internet browser and the whiteboard application with a single click, never having to erase content or lose their progress.

The students are also very delighted with the display, as their lessons are now interactive. They are given the opportunity to interact with their classmates in a more exciting way by collaborating on the display together at the same time.

Raahath International School is very satisfied with the Newline RS Series display and finds that it has met all their needs. They are looking to further upgrade their facilities by incorporating more Newline displays in the future.

“Newline’s TRUTOUCH RS Series interactive display helped us achieve our motto “Learning by doing.” -School Principal

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Name: Raahath International School

Industry: Education

Solution: TRUTOUCH Series

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