Newline Display Management

Newline Interactive Ecosystem

A time-saving solution to manage all of your Newline displays from the comfort of your desk.

All-in-one solution for collaboration that is
immersive, unified, and effective.

Centrally manage all your interactive displays

Manage all of your Newline displays remotely and spend less time going from display to display. Install or uninstall apps, change languages, set device volume and choose video sources, all from your browser.

Send instant alerts and announcements

Get an alert out to every display within seconds. Quickly create and send text announcements to all of your meeting rooms, classrooms and workspaces without having to leave your desk.

Remotely support all your Newline displays

Support your meeting rooms and classrooms without leaving your desk. Newline Display Management’s built-in video calling and back control make it easy to connect with your users at their display and, if required, take control of the screen.

Deploy multi-media screensavers

Newline Display Management lets you create screensavers for your displays. Simply upload videos and images into screensaver playlists and schedule them to play on your Newline displays when idle.


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